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Jeff has always been creating artwork for as long as he can remember. He started off drawing superheroes, cartoons and comic books as a young kid and throughout his teenage years. After high school, Jeff spent a year at Rochester Institute of Technology taking foundation art courses before moving back to Buffalo to grow his art career.

In Buffalo, Jeff began a job at American Color where he colored and distributed the Sunday and Daily Comics and soon began coloring Marvel comics. He spent eleven years there learning a lot about art and printing.


After American Color, Jeff moved on to New Buffalo Shirt Factory where he designed several t-shirts for musicians like The Rolling Stones, Jason Aldean, BB King, Shania Twain and Blake Shelton for thirteen years.

Throughout the years, Jeff has always continued to pursue his own artwork and has finished many projects such as:

  • Wildlife art for local animal rehabilitation groups

  • Illustrations for eleven children's books

  • Murals throughout the Buffalo community

  • Several logos for Buffalo companies

Jeff Headshot.jpg
Jeff Perdziak - Kid.jpg
Whitey Ford Baseball.jpeg
Josh Allen Helmet.jpg
Dominik Hasek Hockey Stick.jpeg

In recent years, Jeff joined the Dave & Adam’s and Hit Parade team. After working as our retail store manager  our in-house artist, he is challenging himself to make meaningful pieces for sports memorabilia and card collectors to enjoy. His process includes researching each athlete to find special moments in their career and trying to convey that with his art on a variety of autographed, or to be autographed items.


Look for artwork from Jeff Perdziak on sketch cards and memorabilia in Hit Parade boxes in the future!

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