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In the ultra competitive breaker industry, finding ways to differentiate yourself has become increasingly difficult. We have been working one-on-one with breakers to create exclusive products to help your breaking group stand out!


Hit Parade wants to work with your breaking team to create a custom product that you help design. Some of the ways that we allow breakers to customize a product include choosing price point, size of the series, sports included, the type of cards and more. You also have the ability to request certain players as hits for your series. Once the product is completed, we even allow you to approve the hits before the product goes into production. The best part is that the you can put your breaker logo on the label itself!





Fill out a quick form to give us more information on the type of exclusive you're looking to build so we can get you to the correct person faster!




Talk one-on-one with our Directors of Product Development to come up with a product that fits your price point and includes the type of items you would like.

(*Minimum 50 boxes at $150/box)




Once your product has been established, send us your logo and our designer will mock-up a custom co-branded label. We'll send you a proof for your approval.

(Preferably send your logo as a .png, .eps or .ai file)



After the label is approved, Hit Parade will build your product & you should have it within 5-10 business days.

  • What if I am not a Dave & Adam's premier customer?
    With your acceptance into the Hobby Shop Program, you will be entered into the Dave & Adam's premier program and assigned a Premier Rep that can help you with placing orders!
  • The Hobby Shop product is not available on the website. How do I order?
    All orders will be placed directly with your premier representative
  • Will there be allocations or product limits?
    Currently, there are no allocations but this may change in the future. There are also no set limits for products, but we may restrict some products based on availability.
  • How do I get my 5% discount on other Hit Parade products?
    With the qualifying purchase you will get 5% off coupon code that is valid on your current purchase or one future purchase of non-Hobby Shop products.
  • Will points be added to my account for purchasing through the Hobby Shop Program?
    Yes, you will receive points for all Hobby Shop purchases.
  • Do you have a Return Policy?
    Unfortunately, there are no returns available for Hobby Shop Products.


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