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Over the last few years, the availability of products has been a main concern for Hobby Shops everywhere. With many shops facing diminishing allocations as well as manufacturers facing delays in releases, having products has been a constant battle. Selling Hit Parade products has been a way for hobby shops to supplement their product offering. However, without wholesale pricing and limited product runs, it has not always made sense for hobby shops to carry.


Hit Parade is very excited to announce that after listening to all of your concerns, we've created a new Hobby Shop Program with products that will only be available to store owners!


This program will offer exclusive products to hobby shops that will not be for sale on the Hit Parade or Dave and Adam's website. These products will have larger run sizes and will be offered at wholesale pricing. Also with any purchase of $25,000 or more of Hobby Shop Products, you will receive an additional 5% off your premier pricing on any other Hit Parade Products with that order or a future order.


Fill out a quick form and we'll reach out to you if you're approved!




We wanted to make sure this program is exclusively for Hobby Shops, so upon approval you’ll have access to our Hobby Shop only products that have wholesale pricing to allow you to sell them at your store.




Not only that, if you place a $25,000+ Hobby Shop product order, you’ll also get an additional 5% on top of your Premier Pricing on all other Hit Parade products to try out in your store!




  • What if I am not a Dave & Adam's premier customer?
    With your acceptance into the Hobby Shop Program, you will be entered into the Dave & Adam's premier program and assigned a Premier Rep that can help you with placing orders!
  • The Hobby Shop product is not available on the website. How do I order?
    All orders will be placed directly with your premier representative
  • Will there be allocations or product limits?
    Currently, there are no allocations but this may change in the future. There are also no set limits for products, but we may restrict some products based on availability.
  • Will points be added to my account for purchasing through the Hobby Shop Program?
    Yes, you will receive points for all Hobby Shop purchases.
  • Do you have a Return Policy?
    Unfortunately, there are no returns available for Hobby Shop Products.


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