Marvel Sketch Card Premium Edition Hobby Box
  • Hit Parade has assembled the ultimate collection of superheroes and villains in the Marvel Universe. This 100-Box series features 1 unique Marvel Sketch card per box and a custom 10 card pack full of Marvel cards from different sets including: Marvel Series 1, Marvel Masterpieces, Marvel Metal, Marvel Flair Ultra, Marvel Universe, Marvel Impel & MORE!


    The Marvel Sketch Cards are of some the most iconic characters in the Marvel Universe including: Black Cat, Ant-Man, Hawkman, Captain America, Iron Man, Magneto, Scarlet Witch, Hobgoblin, Spider-Man, Red Skull, Cyclops, Thor, Deadpool, Invisible Woman, The Beast, & MORE!


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    Marvel Sketch Card Premium Edition Hobby Box

    • Every Hit Parade product features extremely limited production runs. This means that you have a truly realistic chance of getting the MAJOR HITS!