Graded Silver Dollar Edition Hobby Box

Have you ever wanted to find some buried treasure? Hit Parade has been out on the open sea to bring you the Graded Silver Dollar Shipwreck Edition! Along with the usual Silver Dollars and Gold coins there are 5 NGC Genuine Shipwreck coins from some of the most famous shipwrecks in history including the S.S. Central America, Princess Louisa, Sao Jose and EL Cazador!

Each box will contain one graded coin from NGC or PCGS, the two industry leaders in coin grading. Get a Morgan or Peace Silver Dollar (ranging in year from 1881-1923) in every box or you can get one of the Shipwreck or Gold Coins!


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Graded Silver Dollar Edition Hobby Box

  • Every Hit Parade product features extremely limited production runs. This means that you have a truly realistic chance of getting the